We help organizations turn chaos into collaboration by transforming ordinary teams into extraordinary powerhouses through professional development, keynote speaking, leadership labs, coaching clinics, executive coaching, and team retreats

Kimberly & Coach Specialize in Building Brilliant Culture and Highly Functional Teams

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Our Keynotes Are About You and Your Audience, Not Us

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Our Signature Presentation For Corporate Meetings and Virtual Conferences
From Chaos To Collaboration: How to Not Only Survive But Thrive in The Middle of Conflict

Interactive Keynote Address | Live or Virtual
45-90 minutes
Your audience will walk away with:
• A tangible solution on how to solve a $360 BILLION DOLLAR problem you might not even know your company has
• Instant information processing preference profiles to get you and your team started (yes, even for LARGE and EXTREMELY LARGE audiences!)
• Tactical strategies to enhance communication, engagement, and team work immediately using Practices of Value, including the Language of Value profiles assessed real time

For Teams

Kimberly & Coach's Conflict Lab

Interactive Workshop For Your Team | Live or Virtual
60-120 minutes
Your team will walk away with:
• A deep understanding of their own strengths and gifts
• Strategies on how to leverage the team's differences as the greatest strength
• Tactical strategies to disarm a conflict episode, not only to resolve conflict but also use conflict as an accelerator and innovation engine

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Would you like to solve your team conflicts before they happen?

We help leaders and teams work better together by implementing Practices of Value and a Language of Value, such as MPACT, Clifton Strengths (formerly StrengthsFinder), Meyers-Briggs, VAK, and Enneagram.Through interactive keynote speaking at conferences and corporate meetings, as well as strategic work sessions for teams, we provide motivation and techniques that your managers and team members can implement immediately and starting seeing results on the very first day (maybe even before the event is over!).

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Can you afford to let culture "just happen" in your organization?

Kimberly and Coach speak on many topics, including the MPACT Quotient assessment

In a time of fast-shifting workplace trends, you can either select a positive and beneficial culture and implement practices that build collaboration, or let others select for you--and you may not like what they select. Either way, workplace culture becomes the reality of your organization.We help leaders at all levels -- c-suite, thought leaders, management and front line -- implement practices that foster collaboration, communication, and engagement.

Team Dynamics

Using tools like CliftonStrengths, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and MPACTQ, we assess and map your unique team's advantages and opportunities for growth, and provide actionable practices and guidance for better communication and collaboration within a team and the organization as a whole.To get a quick sneak peek of what tools might be best for your team, check out this video:

Click here to watch a video on what tool might be best for your organization

Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Workshops and speaking programs can go a long way to start building culture, but talking through and developing concrete practices in individual and team coaching sessions helps cement the big ideas into everyday action. Coaching leaders at every level can keep the energy for building a positive workplace culture alive and well throughout the organization.

Principles of Creating Culture

We leverage time-tested principles of crafting culture:

  • Collective Intelligence

  • Guarding and Growing

  • Intentional Inclusivity

  • Elevation and Collaboration

Workshops, Coaching, and Consulting

Your team and organization is unique, which is why we start with basic building blocks and customize the engagement to meet your goals. We can run lunch-and-learns to get your team introduced to the culture frameworks and principles, monthly training workshops both in-person and virtual, individual "coffee and coaching" sessions (that don't have to include coffee, just whatever drink you prefer ;) ), and we can even provide interactive large group speaking programs that will have absolutely nothing to do with climbing Mount Everest (a classic motivational speaking trope) and everything to do with your shop, your people, and your mission.