Kimberly and Coach are a speaking and podcasting duo

Kimberly and Coach run highly interactive workshops and keynote programs that help your team connect and perform better together.

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Kimberly and Coach Leadership Podcast on Practices of Value

About Kimberly & Coach

Kimberly and Coach teaching an Enneagram workshop at Vox Venice

A speaking and podcasting duo on a mission to retool, recharge, and rehumanize leadership through Practices of Value™, Kimberly & Coach inspire and train leaders to break through resistance, increase engagement and productivity, and achieve the results they’ve dreamed about.

They specialize in helping clients incorporate language and practices of value into their organization's culture. They often use tools like Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, 5Q, and Clifton Strengths (formerly known as StrengthsFinder) to help increase a team's engagement and intelligence. They also offer individual coaching and team consultation to dig deeper into these topics.

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Kimberly and Coach teaching an Enneagram workshop at Vox Venice

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